Sunday was Easter Sunday, but it is not the final day of Easter. Easter ends fifty days from Sunday with Pentecost. Between now and then, we celebrate with several Gospel readings about Jesus’ appearances to the disciples so that they might gain an understanding of his ministry. If you recall, they had not figured that out while he was on earth. If you are like me, you don’t quite get the resurrection either. You understand that is central to being a Christian, but you have nothing to relate it to in your life. Jane Harris sent me a copy of Teri Daily’s Easter Vigil sermon which reminded me of the resurrections that happen “…every second of our lives, if only we have the eyes to see it.” Then I started thinking about the many resurrections I have experienced or known about. The time that it took to be sober, and then, to be able to laugh. Lillian and I went to buy the Eucharist wine one day. I waited in the car while she went into the store. Two cars started honking. They were both empty. They took turns honking as if they were in conversation with each other. Comparing notes, Lilian told me that there were two men in the store who kept hitting the buttons on their fobs thinking they were stopping the problem. Instead, they were causing the noise. I realize now that if I had been drinking, my response to all that noise would have been different. I am thankful for that fun memory. What resurrections can you think of daffodils, green yards and pastures, crab apple trees, plum trees, iris? Spring awakening from the death of winter?