The Enneagram is an ancient system used to explore differing patterns of thinking, feeling, acting, interacting, working, and leading. As we discover our Enneagram type, we can develop greater self-awareness, emotional resiliency, authenticity, and capacity to work effectively with others.

Prior to the workshop, participants will take the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS) assessment and will bring a copy of their results to the workshop. During the workshop, we will learn Enneagram basics, discuss our WEPSS results, and consider areas of strength and growth, and reflect upon the implications for our work and our relationships. The workshop will be led by Amanda Moore, D.Min.

To register, please call or email Judy Helm at 501-247-0628 or Then, take the WEPSS ($10) at This assessment generally takes 45-90 minutes. Bring a print or electronic copy to the workshop with you.

The workshop is sponsored by the Servant Leadership School of Conway at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church.

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