Have you ever stepped on an uneven surface and found your balance challenged? When you walk do you keep your head down and shoulders rolled forward? Do you wear your shoulders as earrings? Would you like to improve your posture and balance and restore inches to your height and ease back and neck pain?  Do you spend time at a computer, laptop or handheld device? If you answered “yes” to any of the above this class is for you!

Leigh Ann Warriner, Master Massage Therapist, will be leading this class beginning June 3rd. The class will take place in the Parish Hall on Monday mornings from 9-10:00am. The six week course will borrow elements of Tai Chi, ballet, yoga and Thai bodywork to address

  1. Proper breathing
  2. Posture while seated
  3. Posture while standing
  4. Posture while walking

Each class will begin with a warm-up period of stretching and breathing, followed by the focus for the day. We will end each class with guided meditation. For the first class, you should bring a yoga mat or other comfortable cushion for lying on the floor, a pillow and two bath towels.

To sign up please email your request to oasismassage7@gmail.com or text to 501-908-3172. Put “Balance” at the subject for emails. You may also turn in your name to the church office along with your contact information. There is no cost for this class but a suggested weekly donation to either the food pantry, school supplies, etc. will be requested. Have questions? Feel free to contact Leigh Ann at 501-908-3172. If unavailable, please leave a voice mail or text.