Did you know that the ONLY age requirement for being an acolyte is that you actually have an AGE? No matter what your age or ability, there is a place for you to serve. Acolytes have a long and distinguished history in the Christian Church, mentioned as a minor order as early as a letter of Pope Cornelius to Fabius of Antioch in 252. We just graduated one of our largest acolyte classes in May. We need to have some new people trained to serve.

Acolytes include torchbearers, crucifers who carry the Cross, and gospelers who carry the Gospel book. Some acolytes assist with setting the table, washing the priest’s hands before communion, and ringing the Sanctus bells during the Eucharist.

Our needs for acolytes at Saint Peter’s on Sunday mornings are these:
7:30 am – 1 acolyte
9:00 am – 1 or 2 acolytes
11:00 am – 3 or 4 acolytes

Please consider taking on this important service in the life of the church. Training will be provided. Contact Rev. Peggy for more information.