Easter as an everyday experience has a great deal to make it appealing to me. Principally, I think that one of the fundamental qualities of our faith is the development of relationships. I would suggest that this is true of all faiths that point to the ancient Jewish faith as a part of their origin and use what the Protestant Christians call the Old Testament as a major resource in their faith. In the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament, God instructs us to love our neighbor and to take in the stranger. A much greater emphasis is placed on taking in the stranger if the simple number of times that we are told to take them in counts. We are most likely to find God in the acts or words of the stranger. In both relationships, that of self to stranger or to neighbor, we realize a variety of things. Often we discover God’s blessing or desires when we take in the stranger. When we concentrate on loving our neighbor, we realize our selves and others. In both types of relationships, there are discoveries made which important to us.