Lucy (not real names) lost her husband a year ago. She thought she was doing well and then suddenly things got worse! She’s sadder than she was, angry at her husband for not watching his health; and really tired of hearing that she should have ‘moved on by now’.

And then there’s Jody who is grieving the death of his son. His wife worries that he has not really dealt with his grief because he doesn’t cry or talk about his feelings.

We all will have loss and grief in our lifetime. It’s a universal situation. However, there is no ‘normal’ or timeline. It is an individual reaction to losing someone you loved. I remember and repeat often what one of my favorite mentors and priest told me, “God never said you wouldn’t have pain; He did say that he would always be with you.”

Please feel free to join our next grief support meeting at Morgan House on Sunday, August 18, at 2:00, or see me with questions. Everyone is welcome.

With Love and Grace, Linda+