“Sometimes I just like to sit quietly and listen.” This is a loose quotation from something that Winnie the Pooh said. I think it worth considering. Not entering into any meditation or contemplation at all, just sitting there listening. In Pooh’s world he heard his friends, the wind, the rain, he thought about his honey supply and his stomach, he thought about what he could do for his friends, he wanted to visit Eeyore, Rabbit, Christopher Robin, Piglet and all the others. Just sitting there has no agenda, topic, subject. It is open ended. Maybe it is important, maybe not. The point is that we leave ourselves open. It is important to do that once in a while. If for nothing else than to listen to the birds sing and the wind hold forth. In sitting there we might remember a friend’s sad story or their birthday and be moved to respond to their need. This becomes a message to act for someone else in relationship. On the other hand, we might just find that it is a source of renewal to just sit there. That may become an important event, or just be.