The monks have a form of prayer that involves the use of muscled and the production of air to make a sound. They chant prayers. That we are fascinated by this as is shown by our support of the music production business. We listen to Gregorian chants and Hildegard of Bingen or to Bob Dylan and The Beatles or David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen. We do not listen just once we listen until we know the words and music. They become a part of us. We know it so well that our muscles feel it. We are lost in it, we for the moment are suspended in our co-production of the music in to a world of mystery. Liturgically we sing our prayers when we sing the Psalm and the Amens and the Alleluias. There are other prayers that we sing throughout the year. Somehow when our bodies are actively involved in the meditation we reach a state of suspension that can be an unknowing. This state of being becomes more likely when we sing the phrases over and over again. This prayer.