This is the week that almost all young people and young-at-heart, no matter the age, look forward to in the fall. It is Halloween week, sometimes known as All Hallows Eve. The time that we dress up in all manner of costumes and go play trick-or-treat for candy or other sweets. In the Middle Ages, it was a time to frighten away the evil spirits before All Souls Day, the day following All Hallows Eve. Today the two days have become separated even if we remember All Souls Day (The Celebration of All the Faithful Departed) in our liturgical year. Chasing away the evil spirits would probably keep the meaning of All Hallows Eve in our minds, but I am not aware of it having the sweets that come with Halloween. Let us try to remember that the two days do belong together. We have a reason to celebrate our forefathers, and if most are like mine, a little sweetness would go well with them. Evil spirits will run in the face of kindness and love. Sweetness is not the same thing, but it does soften the heart some. Fond memories of our predecessors, let us let go of what we held against them and sets us right with them.