This is the first Sunday of Advent 2019 and a change to Year A in the Lectionary. It is a new year on the Christian calendar. Do not expect it to be about Christmas yet. That is a Hallmark thing. Advent is a season of waiting. Waiting for God’s Kingdom and Matthew makes it sound like an ominous event. One will be taken and the other swept away when the Son of Man comes to the Kingdom. Matthew likens this event to Noah’s flood, a new creation. So don’t be caught sleeping. Be watchful! Be alert! This is no stocking filled, pretty paper event. God’s Kingdom is serious business. It will come about because we will share with others our belief in Jesus as the Son of God. A serious sharing that is quiet, not preachy; and love-filled, not syrupy. It is compassionate, firm and resilient. It does not look romantic. We are preparing for the tough work of sharing the word about the coming of God’s Kingdom.