2020 Stewardship Campaign

On September 8th, we kicked off our 2020 Stewardship Campaign – Stella 2: Give Harder. “Do” Harder.

Saint Peter’s is in better financial situation than any time in recent memory. All of our bills are paid and current, and we have money in the bank. Our Building Reserve Fund has over $20,000 in it. Beyond that, we’re in a position where we can begin to make improvements to the physical plant.

For 2020, we’re setting a goal of having a $500,000 annual budget. This may sound daunting, but we’ve raised almost this much before—in 2017, our budget was $491,000. The 2020 budget will include monies for building fund/maintenance/repair/upgrades, youth programming (including the continuation of #SaintPetersServes), and The Rev. Peggy Cromwell serving as a part-time Associate Priest for entire year.

While we have a defined goal for the budget, our goal with the campaign is to focus not on how much a person gives, but rather the commitment to giving itself. That’s why this year, we’re really focusing on the number of pledges to the church, all with the help of Stella and her friends, and their venture into the world of film! Stay tuned for more information!

Pledging Online

To pledge online, log in to Realm, then click on “Community” -> “Giving”, then click on the “+ Pledge” button (make sure to select the “Operation” fund!)


Pledging by Pledge Card

To pledge using a pledge card, please pick one up from the Parish Office, fill it out, then bring it back to the Parish Office.


Other Ways To Give

If you’d like to give to Saint Peter’s another way, please click here to visit our Giving page!

The Posters

Week 1 – Die Hard

Week 2 – The Godfather

Week 3 – Ocean’s 11

Week 4 – Alien

Week 5 – The Terminator

Week 6 – To Be Revealed

Week 7 – To Be Revealed

Week 8 – To Be Revealed