NOTE: SPARC is extending the Everyday a Warrior show to run through Sunday, March 15th. We are pleased to have this time to have other churches and community organizations come to Saint Peter’s to look at and read about this group of amazing women. The original announcement is below.

The “Everyday a Warrior” photography exhibit will be opening on January 21st and will run through February 21st in the Parish Hall of Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church. Sponsored by SPARC (Saint Peter’s Artists Collective), the exhibit consists of photographs of women who are willing to share their stories of abuse, mental illness, addiction, and abandonment, through the camera lens of conceptual artist Don Byram.

Everyday “Warriors” are women who refuse to be a casualty of their circumstances. As one “Warrior” Tonya writes, “Eleven and a half years ago I was hopeless, lost, trapped. And then one day something happened that changed my life forever.”

Don tells us that being a Warrior does not always mean winning. Being a Warrior means being willing to fight for your soul, your mental health, your freedom from addictions, your right to see your own children. “Warrior” Samantha writes, “Addiction sucks the life out of its victims and destroys everyone they love along with it.”

As you view the photographs and read each story written by a “Warrior,” you will feel their hope, determination, and strength in overcoming obstacles. We hope you will visit the exhibit in the Parish Hall and help celebrate their spirit and successes.

The Parish Hall is open to visitors during regular office hours (Mondays-Thursdays 9am-4pm), and questions about accessing the Parish Hall can be directed to the Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church office at (501) 329-8174 or In addition, artist Don Byram and a “Warrior” are available by appointment to host an organization or group for a personalized viewing of the project. For tour times available or any additional questions, please contact Marilyn Rishkofski at