Widespread research indicates that there is no distinguishable lifestyle characteristic by which to differentiate those who attend church and those who do not. It seems the teachings of Jesus have not sunk very deeply into his followers. If you would like to go deeper, please prayerfully consider signing up for the course “The Inward Journey of Faith.”

Using one of 17 inspirational short videos as a catalyst, we will reflect: Am I living a life of fullness and freedom? Does my life have meaning? We will create a safe space to allow the answers to these questions to rise naturally through small group discussions, journaling and specially crafted guided meditations.

There will be a cost of $30.00 per participant, but as always, scholarships are available. Child-care is available if we are notified in advance.

The course will meet beginning Thursday, January 23, 2020 at the Morgan House at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and is open to the community. We will meet through May, taking breaks for Holy Week and Easter Week. For more information about this course, please visit secondbreathcenter.com. To register, please contact Judy Helm at judyhelm77@gmail.com.