“The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most vulnerable citizens.” Not long ago I received an e-mail with this quote from Carter, or maybe it is a paraphrase, but it is close whichever it is. And it made me start mulling over our current situation, especially since Joe Arn had raised the question: Are we, as Christians responsible for helping the poor? My answer to Joe’s question is: Of course! Just thinking about this statement of Carter’s may give us a clue about the man himself. He is a highly ethical man who takes his Christian commitment seriously without any reference to his political alignment. This is the sort of statement that a Christian would make, especially one who took the practical application of his belief seriously. It is not the sort of statement that a politician who was interested in winning in the annals of history would make. Only winners make those pages. When we focus on the weak and vulnerable, we show our love and compassion toward others. When we focus on winning at all costs, we show our disdain and disregard toward others. Have we lost our way as Christians? Do we care for each other or only for the winners? Is it hard to be a friend of the vulnerable?