This is the beginning of the first full week in Lent. We usually say the Great Litany during this week, and this is typically the only time of the year that we say it. However, I think that we should say it at least one more time in order to realize what we have said because we often don’t compute the whole of what we read the first time. By doing it a second time through, we assimilate it. We Episcopalians have a hard time with the word sin, which is the subject of at least the first half of the Litany. We love the second half of the Litany which has to do with our redemption and the death and resurrection of Jesus. We love the Eucharist, but it has no meaning without the confession of our sins which we are loath to acknowledge. I can almost hear you saying ”No, you are wrong! We are not sinners. We will not discuss sin. It is not something that Episcopalians talk about.” Well the Great Litany does, and it is in the Book, that is the Book of Common Prayer, and therefore it is worthy of note. We need to embrace our sins, that is really own them, if we are to expect a redemption. Redemption is meaningless without something to forgive.