Our Ministries


Saint Peter’s aims to provide a welcoming space for groups within and outside of the church. If you are interested, please contact the church office.

Steele Hays Memorial Labyrinth

A Labyrinth in the Neighborhood

The Steele Hays Memorial Labyrinth is located in the courtyard and is open every day, from dusk to dawn; excluding special church events or funerals. The labyrinth is named for Steele Hays, former Arkansas Supreme Court justice and the husband of Peggy Hays, former vicar of Saint Peter’s.

Wedding Coordinator Team

The Wedding Coordinator Team works one on one with Saint Peter’s families and friends as they plan and experience one of the most exciting sacraments of their lives, their wedding day. From the initial meeting, throughout the planning process, into final meetings, rehearsals and the wedding day, the Wedding Coordinator Team is there every step of the way offering guidance, answers and direction to make their wedding day stress free and sacred.