Prayers of the People

  • Prayer requests will be read aloud during the Sunday service and in daily prayers. You are also invited to offer prayers aloud or silently at appointed times during worship services.
  • Please offer first names only on the prayer list, with the exception of prayers for the departed, where a last name is appropriate.
  • Reminder: out of respect for people’s privacy, before putting someone’s name on the Prayer List, please obtain permission to do so.

Prayers & Petitions

Kerry and Travis


In loving support for The Wisdom House, Mouaz, Natalie.
In continued prayers for Sara Edmondson, Jacquie Seroy, Betty Long, Judith McAfee, Carol Sue Greenwell.


We give thanks for the people of Saint Peter’s and visitors with us this week.
We give thanks for Truitt, Nancy, Katie, Dustin, Ace and Catherine Thompson, Linda Jones.
We give thanks for our Food Pantry.
We give thanks for Eastside Church of Christ.
We give thanks for Temple B’Nai Israel.
We give thanks for The Rev. Roberto Armas, St. Mark’s, Quetzaltenango (ketz-al-ten-ango).
We give thanks for Trinity Cathedral, Little Rock; St. James’ Episcopal Church, Magnolia; The University of the South; Seminary of the Southwest.



If you would like to add a prayer for someone, please send in your request here: